Monday, May 15, 2006

Iraqi Medals

These are the four medals that all soldiers deployed to Iraq get. I think they are in order of precedence from left to right, although I'm not exactly sure. From left to right they are: Armed Forces Reserve Achievement Medal; Global War on Terrorism Meda; Iraqi Campaign Medal; and National Defense Service Medal. I had 3 or 4 of the AFRAMs, and this is my third NDSM medal, though many reservists got it for the first time on deployment. It is pretty much an active duty medal.

Medals became a very charged issue in my unit. The scuttlebutt was that because the 42 ID was a NG division, it had an unrealistically stiff standard for medals and combat badges.


Bubblehead said...

Some very impressive hardware, and well earned on your part. Not to quibble, but I don't think that all soldiers going to Iraq get the Reserve Achievement Medal -- I think that's limited to reservists. There are actually two GWOT medals, the "Expeditionary" and "Service". You have the GWOT Service Medal; I had understood that people deployed there for at least 90 days got the Expeditionary variety.

On the other hand, I was just a CENTCOM staff weenie, and in no position to dispute someone who's actually BTDT.

Alan said...

The AFRAM does only go to reservists and NG, but all of them get it. As I understood, we were entitled to one or the other of the GWOT medals, and I don't know how they decided which was which. Certainly we weren't given a choice. I was just handed a manilla envelope with the medals and orders stuffed in it one day, along with an M and various oak leaf clusters.