Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Have Blogs Arrived in Idaho Politics?

While out running today after work, awaiting thinning out of the after work voter crowd, I ran past the group of signs above, a common sight here in Saliville. There are plenty of Sali signs, but lots of Johnson signs. None for Brandt, a few for Vasquez, and Semanko and Sorenson seem to be about even, oddly enough. Johnson and Sali are pretty even, sign wise.

Anyway, I was thinking about Johnson's website referring to his opponents being endorsed by liberal bloggers. Randy Stapilus wrote about it here, and Sara responded here. I think what is most interesting is that a major campaign is reading and reacting to blogs, particularly those aligned with the other party.

Stapilus and the Ridenbaugh Press are pretty notable, but I'm not sure blogs have hit the radar screens of the MSM in Idaho. The Spokane Review has a good blog, but the Statesman's execrable website doesn't. It does seem that Idaho blogs are beginning to come of age. As we go into the general election, blue blogs have a good opportunity to do in Idaho what blue blogs are doing nationwide; checking facts, holding the MSN accountable for its prejudices and errors, and rebutting campaign slurs and errors.

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