Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bryan Fischer Brand

Chris at Liberal Idaho comments on Bryan Fischer's objections to "The Da Vinci Code", making the point that the book is fiction and therefore an odd thing to object to.

I think that Fischer is doing the same thing as Brandi Swindell. He is latching onto a hot item to promote his brand and to keep himself in the news. There are a zillion books that Fischer could dissect from a Christian perspective, but none with the notoriety of "The Da Vinci Code." Using it as a foil lets him piggyback on the book's popularity.

I think it's fine for people to promote themselves. Being famous, or having some notoriety, helps draw attention to your causes and helps gather donations. However, bear in mind Fischer's mission statement.

Our mission here at the IVA is to protect the values that have made Idaho such a great state in which to live, raise a family, and grow a business. We will work to protect religious liberty, the sanctity of marriage and the family, the sanctity of life, and to restrain judicial activism.

How does debunking "The Da Vinci Code" protect Idaho values? How does that protect religious liberty? In fact, since the DVC promotes an alternative view to Catholic teachings, isn't the DVC an effort at religious freedom? Shouldn't Fischer be supporting a thoughtful exploration of the Catholic doctrine?

I don't think Fischer is being hypocritical, necessarily, but I do think this reveals his priorities; promote Brand Bryan Fischer. He's an opportunist, sort of like an Idaho Al Sharpton. Bryan "Al Sharpton" Fischer.

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