Saturday, April 22, 2006

Katherine Harris colorized photos

Poor Katherine Harris. Her campaign is a train wreck, and her problems keep piling up. Looks likes she's going to hand the Florida Senate seat to the Dems, bless her little heart. I don't have a ton of sympathy for her, given her fortune and her role in certifying the infamous Forida election. Still, when a person gets his or her looks made fun of, that's gotta hurt.

The Tattered Coat has a page of colorized photos of Harris, and you can vote for your favority. Apparently,

voter-disenfranchisement expert Katherine Harris accused the press of “colorizing” her photos. Many readers of The Tattered Coat found these charges baseless. Not wanting Ms. Harris to sound like a crackpot conspiracy theorist, they set to work on some colorized photos in an effort to prove that her statements had some merit.

Worth a minute's look.

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