Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dems, vote Vasquez for Congress

Writing about the Idaho GOP, Dan Popkey said in The Idaho Statesman:
"They aren't saying it on the record, but the unspoken fear is the party could fail to nominate its best candidate for an open seat in Congress. That would give Democrat Larry Grant a real shot at winning in the 1st District "

Democrats can help this happy outcome by crossing over and voting for the weakest candidate in the primary election, and then helping Larry Grant in the general.

According to Popkey, the GOP establishment likes Sali and Vasquez the least. I think IdaDems ought to develop a consensus and then vote for that candidate if they can.

Personally, I think Dems ought to vote for Vasquez. Although he has done well raising money so far, immigration has been a hot issue. There is no guarantee that it will stay hot, and his money could trickle off for the general. Being outside the establishment he won't be able to raise funds as well as an insider. Also, the racist right probably won't vote for him. And last, in the event that the R beats Larry Grant, I'd rather be stuck with Vasquez than Sali.

Talk to your Dem friends and try to spread this idea.

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Diana Rowe Pauls said...

I commented already over at 43rd State Blues but I wanted to tell you also here how I feel about your suggestion.

It IS a good idea... EXCEPT for the contested Dem race in the Primary for Superintendent of Public Instruction. We need to evaluate what price we would pay if we end up with a Dem candidate who might not win over the Republican candidate (who will probably be Tom Luna).

Just my 2 cents...!