Monday, April 17, 2006

Dan Adamson

This sign has appeared all around the valley in the last couple of weeks. The first signs of the season promoted Sheila Sorenson. Her signs are about six feet long and a couple of feet tall. Interestingly, every one of her signs immediately flipped upside down. The top unattached but the bottom didn't, so the signs have been hanging upside down. No one has fixed any of the signs I've seen.

Dan Adamson was next, and I'm happy to see him run against Otter. That'll require Botch to spend more $$ than he might otherwise, and he'll have less left for the general election. Adamson's got an iconoclastic approach to election. The website name, "myidahorocks" isn't exactly aimed at grandma.

My advice to him is, "Dan, I know you're trying to be hip, but get a suit that fits, for crying out loud. The sleeves are too long and it's riding up on your neck. And stand up straight."

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