Friday, April 14, 2006

Brandi Swindell's Alternative Sex Embarassment

Brandi Swindell, anti-abortion babe and moral beacon to the Ten Commandments crowd, maintains a fullsome set of links to porn, alternative sex sites, and internet drugs on her web site. I love the delicious irony of a site that is "committed to ending abortion and spreading the message of sexual integrity" but which maintains tons of links such as Amateur Sex, Lesbian Porn, Gay Inter-racial, Anal **** (pretty much everything), My Friend's Hot Mom, Pregnant Porn, Gay Orgy, and on and on. I haven't counted the links but there have to be over a thousand (most of them are for drugs).

One of Gen Life's principles is "we work hand in hand with our lawmakers to uphold the dignity of women", yet they have a link to "Ebony Sluts."

This is rich. If I knew how to cache the page I'd do it, because if she finds out about this I expect her page to change quickly. I hope someone will cache it.

Brandi's Generation Life page has a blog, which has a single entry, in which she writes "We will be adding content to this Blog as time goes on and we will be adding content to the main website." She didn't add any content to the Blog, but the spammers sure did.

Her friend Adam Graham wrote "Nice Blog. Good job on the new site." Being a conservative Christian himself, I suppose Adam might be a bit chagrined about praising the parade of, to him, horribles.

And another thing. Swindell lists the address and phone of Generation Life as 4950 N. Bradley St, Boise, 377-1477. This is the same address and phone number of Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it seems a bit cheesy that she doesn't disclose the link between the two organizations.


Adam Graham said...

Blog Spam happens, particularly without some type of block. Its pervasive. Pretty nice blog, though I hardly agree with what you have to say. I've added you to my BlogLines. You're the sanest Idaho Liberal I've run into.

Bubblehead said...

Alan --
To "cache" (save a copy) just use File and Save As... on your browser.
To get a screenshot -- which you can use to post later in case the website tries to remove an embarassing post, as I did with 43SB today -- just hit your "print screen" key, then paste it to PowerPoint or some other program that will let you do so; you can then convert it to a .jpeg file.
As much as I find Swindell overly pretentious, I don't think you can really call failing to delete comment spam from an old post "maintaining" porn links. I thought progressives were supposed to be "reality-based".

Alan said...

I'll grant that "maintain" is a bit misleading, though not inaccurate. I suppose "unknowingly allowed to accumulate" is more accurate, though not as fun. Ms. Swindell clearly doesn't devote much time to her web site, and shouldn't have to, but if you want to self-promote you need to be aware of possible ramifications.

And thanks for the tip about how to screen save.

Anonymous said...

You might want to get your facts straight before you put your blubber into print.

The site you are referring to with the links is NOT Brandi's site. is the correct site for Brandi.

As to the Vineyard reference - it's office space and not a Vineyard ministry.

I really do wish that you were better informed - lies and deceit are not impressive. I'm sure there are more constructive things you could do with your time than bash someone you don't even know.

Anonymous said...

My apologies - the blog comments did not originally come up when I researched - I see them now.

But again - that was not done by Ms. Swindell, nor by anyone else with this site.

Thanks for pointing it out though!

Bubblehead said...

Looks like they cleaned it up -- an promptly got hit by a Viagra spamment!

Anonymous said...

Blog spam is like s***. It happens from time to time. Seen Brandi's recent attacks on Newcomb and Craig?