Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brandi Swindell will speak for you

I'm a bit amazed by this offer on Brandi Swindell's website.

Brandi Swindell - Engage the Culture: "Have Brandi speak for you!! Looking for a great speaker for your event or organization. Brandi's unique, dynamic perspective will impact your audience for eternity."

Wow. Impact an audience for eternity. Eternity. That's some speech. I occasionally speak to groups and the best I hope for is a bit of hightened awareness. "Impacting" them for eternity is way beyond my expectations.

I wonder if she writes this stuff. Two exclamation points, no question mark after the second sentence, and uses "impact" as a verb.

I note that Brandi doesn't offer to speak to you, but rather to speak for you.

[Update; I took out a couple of comments I inserted into the text, put it into a block quote, bolded the phrase, and added the comment about writing the stuff.]

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