Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aquifer recharge

The aquifer recharge issue is still bubbling along.

Dick Dahlgren of Ketchum says

Aquifer recharge, also known as water spreading, is a pending disaster for sportsmen and wildlife, and the multi-million dollar recreation and tourism industry.
Recharge will reduce stream flows and at a time when they are already minimal due to filling resivoirs, killing of habitat for wildlife, says Dahlgren.

Don Hale of Blackfoot wants to be sure we get the promised power rate reduction.

PowerNow that Idaho Power has flexed its muscles and has sole control of the water in the Snake River, we have an obligation to hold its feet to the fire. We need to make sure that we receive that 8-13 percent rate reduction that was promised by Idaho Power if HB 800 failed.

Sorry, IP doesn't have sole control, it just has the water rights it has purchased. If upstream users want greater rights, they need to buy them like everyone else. I do agree that IP bears watching. Such promises have a way of being forgotten.

Don Dustin of Boise is annoyed by Boise legislators voting against the recharge.

Well, I see our legislators have done it again. Twenty-one people have bowed to the perks and pressure of the Idaho Power lobbies. They would rather see valuable storage water go to waste than to be used constructively to replenish the aquifer which flows back into Idaho's rivers and streams.

I don't agree with him that once water in the aquifer flows back into Idaho's rivers and streams. Maybe some at Thousand Springs, but I don't think even that comes out of the aquifer that is being talked about.

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