Friday, March 31, 2006

Pitiful Reporting

The Boise Guardian has a post about poorly performing CEOs in Boise. I think that the points also implicate the Idaho Statesman's pitiful business reporting.

The Statesman really doesn't do any business reporting. It has a business section because, I guess, important papers are supposed to, and of course as a place to put business advertising.

In the Sunday paper, the business section is bundled with the Life section and all the ads. Clearly prepared days in advance, and therefore not reporting "news".

Taking the Friday March 31 edition, it's easy to see that the Statesman isn't doing significant business reporting. There is one story by a Statesman reporter about Big Sky Airlines, and to me it just reeks of press release. I think they got a press release, made a few calls, and wrote a story.

There are seven stories. One by Joe Estrella (Statesman) three by the Ap and one each from Knight Ridder, Chicago Tribune and the Des Moines Register. There are a few blurbs about upcoming events and the stuff sent in by or companies folks trying to promote themselves. "Balihoo Inc. ... has hired three employees." (Actual quote). The rest is ads and stock quotes.

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