Thursday, March 23, 2006

A new age newspaper

Glen Reynolds has some interesting thoughts here about how newspapers can prosper, instead of decline, in the next few years.

Getting rid of the old paper delivery system is an interesting idea. My paper now, the Statesman, has more ads and junk that I don't read than I do, so I end up paying them to deliver something to that I just throw away.

The most interesting idea is to beef up local reporting. We can all get national
news off the internet or radio or TV, but local news is harder to come by.
Accepting photos and info from readers is another good idea. It would allow the
paper to have lots of unpaid reporters.

The Eye On Boise blog does a great job of putting a bunch of info. There is more reporting on the legislature in a day of this blog than in any given day in the Statesman. No worries about space, etc., allows the reporter to put up more more news. The Statesman, and others, ought to get something like this going on their websites. It's too bad that we have to look to the Spokesman Review for the best reporting on the Idaho legislature.

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