Friday, March 17, 2006

A Little Credit

The Statesman reported that the Idaho Senate passed a statement opposing selling off Idaho's federal lands. It gave credit to Senate Dems for the resolution, and noted that the GOPs piled on. Good for Clint Stennett (whose pic ran with the short story).

BSU Radio also reported this AM that the resolution passed. However, the news reader didn't mention Stennett or the Dems, but did air a recording of Sen Brad Little (R - Emmett) talking about what a bad idea the sell off is. So, an example of why IdaDems have a hard time getting out their message, even when they do something smart.

(Update: per Betsy Z. Russell at Eye on Boise - link on right - the bill was co-sponsored by Stennett, Little and Schroeder. So, BSU Radio slanted right, Statesman slanted left.)

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