Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I get a kick out of the website. This person - I can't tell the gender - goes to various rallys around San Franciso and photoblogs. SF seems to be a hotbed of left wingnuts. Imagine.

The posts from the Global Day of Action are pretty typical. They show some pretty raw anti-Bush protests. The website tends to link the protesters with various radical elements; communists, socialists, anti-Israel protesters, etc., and I think the overall impression is to tar war protesters with the brush of wingnuts.

Still, some of the pictures are pretty interesting. The "Breasts Not Bombs" rally is pointless and, uh, revealing. Also, this picture of the dude who inflates his scrotum and walks around naked is a classic. Apparently he belongs to "Bay Area Anarchists".

I don't find many rightwingnut photos; perhaps because this is in San Franciso and rightwingnuttery isn't as prevalent there as leftwingnuttery.

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