Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Idaho Taliban

I have read a few blogs that refer to Idaho's Taliban, and a couple of them have referred to Brandi Swindell as Barbie Talibani. Now I know why.

The Idaho Statesman reported that a bill urging congress to restrict jurisdiction of federal courts regarding religion is moving forward through the Idaho legislature. Ms. Swindell is quoted as saying "'I think its important that our Constitution protects the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion". Bryan Fischer quotes this with approval on the Idaho Values Alliance website.

There ya go. It couldn't be any clearer. The Constitution doesn't protect freedom from religion. I guess the idea is we all have to hold religious beliefs, or we can have them foisted upon us. After all, we're not free from religion. I guess atheism is outlawed.

I wonder which religion will the be one that we have to follow? No doubt Ms. Swindell would prefer her conservative theology to be imposed. Idaho Taliban, indeed.

This country was settled by a group of people who wanted to make their own choices regarding religion; they didn't want to have to follow the official church of England.


Andy Benson said...

No freedom from religion, my ass.

Just once, I'd like these folks to describe the logical outcome resulting from their desired theocracy.

How would they prefer to punish women who seek an abortion? Or homosexuals who fail to refrain from engaging in sexual acts?

Alan said...

I don't think that logic motivates the Taliban.

Craig Cooper, candidate for 2nd Dist US Rep, says regarding abortion that the status of the fetus is essentially a religious determination. Therefore, we shouldn't outlaw abortion because it will set the values of one religion over another. That's logic.

Of course, this logic won't persuade the hard core believers. On the abortion issue the true believers make that the highest priority, even over fundamentals of our constitution and our democracy.

Anonymous said...

Yo wingnuts (left wing, that is).

The Islamofascist Taliban persecuted, even executed, Christians.

Thus, in attacking Christians, it is you who are the Idaho Taliban.