Friday, March 17, 2006

He's baaaaack. Larry LaRocco

Per the Idaho Secretary of State’s Unofficial results, Larry LaRocco has filed for the Lt. Gov race. This is good news.

I know Dan Romero, a little, from being in the National Guard with him. As I wrote in an earlier post, he has some hurdles to jump on the way to Lt. Gov, and I think those hurdles would prevent him from being taken seriously. His campaign would lack gravitas.

LaRocco, on the other hand, is a former US Representative and enters the race with immediate credibility. In the all important category of ability to attract campaign contributions, he is way ahead of Romero.

This gives Dems a real shot at the Lt. Gov seat. A lmost as important, it will prevent Risch from funding other Rs. As I peruse campaign contribution lists, I see again and again that the Rs help each other out. If one has an easy campaign he or she will fund raise then donate $$ to other Rs. Risch can’t afford to do this if he has a serious opponent.

Side note; perennial johnny-one-note anti-abortion wingnut candidate Dennis Mansfield has filed to run against Sen Andreason in Dist 15. Andreason has been a friend to state employees, and is pretty moderate, as Idaho Rs go. He has been around a long time, and in 2004 he beat his Dem opponent by 65.5% to 35.5%. So he’s probably safe for the primary.

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