Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gov Kempthorne

The Idaho Secretary of State's Campaign contribution/expenditure datebase, IDSOS Campaign Finance Search, contains much fascination information. For example, Gov Kempthorne has received thousands in contributions in 2005, even though he is not running for office. I guess we knew that, as he has been accused of using the funds for personal reasons.

The database shows $10,000 to his campaign from his Senate campaign committee. It also shows a $21,000 payment to Tony Payton and Associates of 2638 South Lynn St Arlington VA for consulting. A Check of Tony Payton's website shows that he is a campaign consultant. So either the Governor is paying Payton for some as yet unannounced campaign, or he is paying off old debt. Or perhaps Payton also does lobbying and is trying to get Gov Kempthorne a job in DC.

Payton's website is interesting and a bit eccentric. Under the "Flying" page, he brags that he is an instrument rated pilot, and talks about the yummy crab cakes at a Maryland restaurant. He says he likes to fly up and down the coast looking for "the proverbial 'hundred dollar hamburger'...". He also talks about his world wide search for the best wine list. (A side note; Beverly's in Coeur d'Alene makes his best list. )

Payton also lists Sen Craig and Rep Simpson as clients, as well as many others.

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