Saturday, March 11, 2006

Democratic hot bed: Gooding?

I was traveling back from a seminar in Sun Valley on Friday, and, having been invited by Diana, I stopped by Rowdy's in Gooding for a meeting of the Gooding chapter of Drinking Liberally. I met several friendly people and was able to listen to both candidates from the eastern district, Craig Cooper and Jim Hansen. Donna Pence (I think that was her last name) the state Representative from the District, was also there.

What first struck me was that these two candidates were willing to show up for a pretty small crowd (12 people). Each candiate spoke a bit, and then sat and talked to the group for a while. I had to leave after about an hour and half so I could arrive back home in Kuna at a decent hour, but both were still there.

Good for Diana and the Gooding Democrats. Grass roots meets netroots.

I've got to go make my bed (build it, not put sheets on it) and I need to get that done, so I'll write more about the meeting soon. (I've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since returning from Iraq. Don't ask.)

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Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Hey Alan,
We all thought that it ROCKED that you were there! Thank you so much for joining us, esp. knowing what a long drive you still had to make to get home. We hope to see you again! Maybe you can help get a DL started in Kuna?