Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Constitution Restoration Act

Bryan Fischer is urging folks to email the legislature to support SJM 119, the Constitution Restoration Act, saying a vote will come today or tomorrow.

I'd urge folks to send an email also, though I'd prefer that you urge them to oppose the measure. My guy is Bill Sali, but I'll still email him. Even if it passes, the legislature ought to be aware that not everyone is a wingnut.

You can find your legislator here. Once you have the name, you can go here and link to the legislator's email address.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Fischer shows all the signs of the beginings of mental illness. He is obsessed with power and the search for it; he is paranoid in the extreme and has acted in ways that caused even the most extreme Christian conservatives to fire him from the church that he himself started.

He literally has nothing else on the plate each morning but to search the wackiest right-wing blogs and websites for "news" to post to his website. Of course, everything he posts reflects his narrow and paranoid world view.

He is becoming a sad, sad, angry old man who has seen his entire world collapse causing him to franticly and wildly search for a reality that he can accept. It is a sad, but fascinating thing to watch.

It is important for the majority of Christians to let our fellow Idahoans know that Bryan speaks for a very small minority of Christians. A very small minority.

Let's remember that when Bryan was fired, he only got 6 months' pay, so he HAS to stir up controversy and fire people up so that they will donate money to him. Without people's donations, he has no way of paying the bills.

Michael J. Devitt, Boise