Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brandi Swindell

I checked out Brande Swindell's blog and website, and noted a couple of things. One is that she isn't much interested in keeping either site current. It appears that she's pretty busy protesting and speaking and what not, so she probably doesn't have much time.

Another is that she is tied to Generation Life, an organization which sports the following slogans on its website.


I love that hyphenated word pre-born. Seems intended to imply the inevitability of the birth.

2. Making the Womb a Safer Place to Live.

"Generation Life is a grassroots movement of activists, students, artists and musicians" says the site. Ms. Swindell is not a student, and as near as I can tell hasn't been one since high school, but she is an activist. Artists and musicians seem a surprising part of the movement.

The website lists Ms. Swindell and Barbara Gough as the only two named members of the organization. About Ms. Gough, the site says "Barbara experienced abortion first hand at the age of just 17. She has been healed, forgiven and set free...".

Swindell's site is apparently the Idaho chapter. A national chapter can be viewed here. The national group doesn't mention artists and musicians, but it does say "This movement consists of virgins and renewed virgins...".

"Renewed virgin" ..... that's a new one on me.


Sara E Anderson said...

Her photographs crack me up. She might as well call her website "Brandi Swindell: hottie against abortion." Every oppressed group has their Uncle Toms and Swindell is a prime example.

Diana Rowe Pauls said...

You are all being too hard on Barbi, I mean Bambi, I mean BRANDI....

It's not HER fault that both her body and brains were made by Mattel.

Seriously, she makes me embarrassed to be a blonde.

Anonymous said...

When I went to your 2006 link, I found that the Generation Now Website is now down (see message below).


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